Psychology workshop:

Take your ability to connect with others to the next level

Would you like to embody:

#1: your uniqueness?

#2: aliveness?

#3: the ability to identify your needs and communicate them assertively?

#4: openness and curiosity towards others?

#5: emotional intelligence and feeling how relationships work?

#6: creativity and freedom in self-expression?

#7: joy and playfulness with your partner?

#8: conscious intention to elevate relationships of all kind (friendships, parents, with your children, at work, etc.)?

We will create the space to explore:

  • how relationships (of all kind) are the perfect context to discover who we are and how we show up in the world
  • how our differences can deepen our relationships with the others
  • patterns which influence our every relationships
  • beliefs, behavior and cultural considerations when relating to others (friends, partner, family, colleagues, etc.)
  • what it means to enable an authentic, co-creative, free and constructive relationship dynamics


Sunday, Dec, 3 2023

From 14:00 PM to 19:00 PM (2 small breaks)


Candidpl. 11,81543 Munich

How much?


For whom this workshop is relevant?

  • For anyone 23+
  • Single or having partner
  • With friends or no friends
  • With family or no family
  • Introvert, extrovert or ambivert

For the ones who would like to make a change in a relational status, or develop them to the next level.

Our chosen format will be working in a circle, similar to Carl Roger’s encounter groups. We will alternate self-reflection time, diads and group work/sharing, through experiential learning exercises.

For more information and for confirmation, please reach out to us before November 30

Who we are?

Irina-Sofie Furman - Psychologist, gestalt-therapist, facilitator

My personal story of building relationships is quite long. I had been in therapy and studying psychology for 5 years before I could get into long term relationships. Now I am happily married, but I must say that it’s not always easy. So I won’t be a person who would tell you: “Oh, come on, why don’t you just find a partner!” Or “Just be wise” in case you are already in relationships.

There are so many parts of the whole mechanism which need to work to make good relationships happen. I’ve learned that sometimes we need a lot of patience and walk this path until we get our blocking personal difficulties sorted out.

So due to my own experience and professional knowledge I have collected ways to support people at this path, which I can offer you also at the workshop.

+49 151 657 753 72
Alejandro Ballesteros Barnie - Psychologist, gestalt-therapist, facilitator

My name is Alejandro and my life mission is to accompany people in our journey to discover our full potential, creating meaningful and collaborative relationships with others. Leveraging change in individuals and systems led me to explore the fields of Social and OrganizationalPsychology, Coaching & Leadership, Gestalt Therapy, and System Dynamics.

My professional focus lies in Leadership Development & Organizational Transformation. However, I am also committed to accompanying individuals and groups beyond the organisational context so that we can explore together how to enable cultural transformation through Self- discovery.

+49 176 856 259 66

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